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Gabi has been hard at work in the studio, and the result is two stunning new singles, “Volver a Casa” and “To the Moon.” These tracks showcase Gabi’s incredible talent as she not only composed but also arranged and produced each piece, infusing them with her unique musical vision.

She has co-written and produced “Complices” with Funklion, composed the heartfelt “You are Safe” for LaPeluda’s debut album, and crafted an evocative hour-long score for Cirque Intime’s production, “Phantasme.” Each project highlights her versatility and dedication to her craft.

Gabi plays guitar and does many other things

Like what kinds of things!?

Gabi moved to Montreal to pursue a career as an accompanying musician. She has played with various groups spanning diverse musical genres, including hip-hop, afro-jazz, contemporary jazz, rock, punk, and soul music. She has had the opportunity to collaborate with notable artists such as Noe Lira, Charogne, Jjanice+, Funklion, Ambroise, Lotus Collective, Rap Battles for Social Justice, Backwater Township, among many others.

As a composer, she has worked on several musical projects. She co-wrote and produced “Complices” with Funklion, composed “You are Safe” for LaPeluda’s debut album, and created a one-hour score for the production “Phantasme” by Cirque Intime.